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  • do you ever reprint shirts? i’d def buy this shirt too.

    albert on
  • Print this againnnnnnnn, please!

    WWWard on
  • Hello!

    PLEASE reissue this shirt! Kids love it, adults love it, starts a conversation all the time. I’ve worn mine to threadbare and need a new one. I’ll buy a dozen if necessary! Thanks.

    Greenman Wood on
  • I have worn out my copy of this shirt and need a new one. When will it come back around?????

    WWWard on
  • Hiya guys,

    Last week I visited a mate and he was wearing a shirt “Legolution”.

    I asked him where he got it and told me that he found out I should visit GLENNZ, ’cause his was a cheap knockoff.

    Unfortunatly I can’t find the shirt in your store (any longer). Will you be bringing it back?
    Is there a link that I’ve missed?

    Thank you and KR
    John Paul

    John Paul on

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